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As it stands now




I am not for this park as it stands now,it limits the enjoyment and development to a few choice a few groups to benefit from this. There are far better and smarter ways to help maintain the natural beauty of this place. Ways that allow most of not all to benefit from it. I personal would lose many rock hounding spots in the area for which are no replaceble. I also have not seen any up todate information on park bounderies, law and legisilation that will protect current and future privateland holders that fall within the park bounderies, and information in general about the neogiations and processes involves with community members and stake holders. The government has not disclosed how this will be paid for other then more riases in taxes. Withe local enconomies stuggling as it is, more costs are not the answer. Also what 700 jobs? Seasonal, part time, contract, full time, and one time jobs what is the composition of these 700 jobs. What and how are these financial benefits being calculated? All in all this is a poorly informed project that suffers from an extreme lack of transparency and timely dispersement of information to the public. By doing all the above you have greated an even bigger divide on the issue that never needed to happen in the first place.

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