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I just want to say how unfortunate it is that people are seriously considering a national park In our area!


I just want to say how unfortunate it is that people are seriously considering a national park In our area! Its totally BS and a big fat money grab! 700 Jobs-ya right! I grew up next to the Banff National Park and locals hardly use the area. It was too expensive! The novelty wears off pretty quickly when spending 10 bucks for a park pass. The Banff NP is a totally different scenario then our area. When it turned into park it hardly effected anyone and was/still is a perfect section to claim as a park! It took many many years for development and tourism to get where it is today. In this area,a proposed park would literally directly effect many of our fellow friends and family aka "the locals". How could anyone be so numb and naive to turn a free land that is loved and respected by so many into a place that a few tour buses stop and gawk at the top 5 scenery points. Doesn't the tour industry realize that it's already free? Don't people see they can enjoy the land freely at any time? We already stay clear of areas full of cactus and snakes, so large sections of the preposed area stays untouched as is. Do they not see that freedom is theirs for the taking! The tourism industry can already use the land for tourism and marketing and take full advantage of the beautiful desert hills! No one should have to lose a life time of memories, rights and freedoms to people that only want money! It's a big fat pile of BS! There are land trust for the most special places and that is a good thing and it's enough. We are so lucky to have the wine industry! It's thriving and bringing more people in our community then a park ever would! Say good bye to a family adventure to get a load of wood, no more free camping at the lakes, no more free hikes, no more family quad rides or dirt biking, no more free fishing, no more hunting, no more Christmas tree foraging and no more FREEDOM! Let's also think about the effects the park will have on the free lands surrounding the park boarders, the traffic will double going up McKinney area for example. The OIB boarders will be crossed and privately owned land will be crossed because people will be looking for new places to enjoy.

The whole park idea is selfish and ridiculous! I say NO NATIONAL PARK!

Marnee Vala

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Against the South Okanagan national park