The Songwriter's Circle III-VideoConcert

Saturday, June 20, 2020 - 19:00

Songwriters Circle III is about to launch….Saturday June 20th 7:00 PM on The Firehall Brewery’s Facebook site…

….the Circle’s VideoConcerts are gaining huge momentum and we get a little more accomplished at putting them on. Our 4 songwriters, Dan Hare, Carol Sheridan, Stephen Toon and D’jef are truly going to ‘sit you down’ in amazement they are sooo good. This is the culmination of our Covid concerts for a bit...and a absolutely great Grande Finale.
Like the Bluebird café in Nashville ..our songwriters write these songs from personal inspiration and are here to play them for you…these are truly gifts …listen …these could well be some of the best songs you’ve never heard before.
Many BIG thanks to the talented efforts of master videographer Jeremy Rempel and Graphic Artist extraordinaire, Melissa Fowler.

The Firehall Brewery Oliver , BC
British Columbia CA