Open Mic at The Firehall Brewery (Kick-Off evening|)

Friday, September 10, 2021 - 19:00

Mark your calendar for the first Firehall Open Mic Night! We've done countless Jam Nights through the years, but with covid being what it is, we're going to try something new that's easier to keep safe for everyone involved (Jam Nights tend to crank the "social" knob up to 11). This will be a test pilot project, hosted by our friend and associate David Badger, and if it goes well, we'd like to try to make it a regular thing, to eventually continue on even when Jam Nights return. Open Mic Nights are an important part of every music scene, to allow new musicians to flourish, and seasoned musicians to hone their trade.

Whether you're a musician that would like to perform, or a music-lover that would like to enjoy the performances, you will need to book yourself a table for the evening, which can be done through our website at:

The Firehall Brewery Oliver , BC
British Columbia CA