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In the end it’s unaffordable.


No one has mentioned cost of a park...sure it’s already there yet it’s already protected.  None of the communities that will be affected have the infrastructure. So taxes for the people that live here will go up to accommodate the tourism that Might come.  Cost of living will go up, houses will cost more, rent will be higher, and in this day and age it’s becoming less affordable for new families to purchase a house. The cost of food will go up.  Young families, retirees and anyone that once could live here wouldn’t be able to.  So for one, that is not appealing.  Secondly, these areas were mined for its resources, that’s apart of our heritage, the mountains here have been our backyard for almost a century. From hunting to recreational fun, teaching our youth about conservation and survival, to respect our desert, grasslands, forests and to help protect our animals, birds and reptiles. Being part of a community that puts back.  I believe that a national park would be a devastating blow to all communities involved.

Only a few would really benefit of such a park... 

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Against the South Okanagan national park