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Holder AS320 Vineyared / Orchard sprayer
Holder AS320 top line farm sprayer. 3pt PTO, Hydraulics and 12v controls. Pump needs replacing. $5500 OBO contact Paul on 250 809 2342 or email per below. Submitted by Saxonwinery on Sun, 2020-...
Rodenator, c/w gas tanks, long hose connections and trigger mechanism. Very effective for farm use. Hardly used. $750 OBO     Submitted by Saxonwinery on Mon, 2020-06-01 02:51Time remaining: 96...
Vinebinding Tool - $500
This gently used vinebinding tool comes with a full bax of spools and a second box of 3 spools. Valued at approx. $1,000 new.  Submitted by Dorothy on Wed, 2020-06-03 23:05Time remaining: 99%01...
Flow Meter - $750
This is a gently used Flow Metre. Paid $1130 for it.  Submitted by Dorothy on Wed, 2020-06-03 23:02Time remaining: 99%01/09/2020 (2 months)

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Vinebinding Tool - $500
This Vinebinding tool is gently used and comes with 1 full box of spools and a second box with 3 spools.  Time remaining: 100%29/05/2021 (11 months)
Flow Metre - $750
This flow metre is gently used, paid $1133 for it. Now selling for $750 Time remaining: 100%29/05/2021 (11 months)